phpList – Friend or Foe?

I love using phpList. It works well and it’s free. But the more I use it, the more issues I discover.
The main issue for Internet Marketers is that phpList does not support auto-responder emails. Automated emails timed to send out X number of days after a new subscription.

And if you saw my email yesterday, you saw the result of a new complaint. If you forget to save your message edits, phpList prompts you with a reminder to save. The default is to lose the changes and not save. Very easy to lose your last edits.  So instead of sending the last version of my email, it sent the first saved version. One with typos. Very embarrassing.

I have already started evaluating replacements for phpList. I’m testing Adweber and Listwire. I’ll post my findings later once I finish the tests.

But meanwhile… What email list software are you using?

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