RMS Express 1.5 broken on Linux

Looks like RMS Express 1.5 is broken on Linux when following my previous posting.

I suspect it may be an issue with the .NET libraries, I’ll keep looking for a solution.

To revert back to 1.4.4:

Run “Uninstall Wine Programs” from your Wine folder on your menu.

Select RMS Express and Uninstall.

Unzip Winlink Express Install 1-4-4 and double click the installer.

Install with defaults.

Winlink Express Install 1-4-2.zip
Winlink Express Install 1-4-3.zip
Winlink Express Install 1-4-4.zip

5 thoughts on “RMS Express 1.5 broken on Linux

  1. Thanks for the post, glad it wasnt just me that had trouble when updating. Do you know if the uninstall will wipe the local personal mail folders or will that personal data be retained with the reinstall?

  2. Your data is saved between uninstalls. I’ve done several uninstalls and my call sign data stays put.

  3. I’ve tried your Winlink Express install procedures on LinuxMint 18 and met with failures.
    Any clues or helpful hints?

  4. Others have reported issues with Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16. You’d have to downgrade to Mint 17.3.

    ARDOP is looking as a promising replacement.

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